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Tom Mowrey - Guitarist and Composer is a talented songwriter from western Pennsylvania, who draws his inspiration for his music from his faith in God. Hoping to inspire, uplift, encourage, and motivate people with his melodies, Tom currently is working on instrumental music. Over the years he has played with bands but now just performs full acoustic concerts in different places. His music spans a variety of genres, touching on numerous different styles, including rock, jazz, classical, and hymnals. Tom sees music not as a profession, but as a way of life.

Never Alone Album Cover

Released more than five years ago, Never Alone is Tom's debut album featuring 14 tracks of different styles of music, including Celtic, hymnals, rock, jazz, and Gregorian chants. Numerous instruments can be heard on his album such as drums, keyboard, cello, violin, and percussion, as well as a wordless vocal melody.

Never Alone
Along the Way Album Cover

Described as two guitarists coming together to make great music, Tom co-wrote a majority of his second album with Phil Keaggy. Stylistically more focused than his first album, Along the Way features more impressionistic pieces with a lot of energy. This album has 10 tracks with a steady flow and concept.

Along the Way

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